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Colosseum Guided Tour – Skip-the-line Roman Forum & Palatine Hill

Colosseum Guided Tour – Skip-the-line Roman Forum & Palatine Hill

Fast Skip the line for Gladiator Gate Special Access where Gladiators Fought

Colosseum, Piazza del Colosseo, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy

Get VIP Gladiators entrance with a Colosseum guided tour. Enter the world’s biggest and oldest amphitheater through the Gladiators gate and visit Rome’s iconic landmarks with Skip the Line Entry Tickets. This tour comes with an expert guide who is well-known about the ancient history of Rome’s gladiator past and can bring those times back to life before your eyes.

3 hours

24 Persons


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Colosseum & Arena Floor Gallery

Route map of this Tour

First Destination: Colosseum

This 3:00 hours tour takes you to the Arena floor from the Gladiators Gate. Our professional guide will be with you. With a fast-track entrance, you don’t have to wait in line. Just access through the Gladiators Gate and get the chance to explore the arena floor.The Main Attractions here:

The Arena Floor

It is the exact spot where the gladiators fought. Avoid the crowd and directly walk onto the Arena Floor. Here you will get the chance to visit the largest amphitheater majesty at its former glory.

Colosseum First Floor

Visit this enormous Amphitheater where senators, spectators sit to enjoy the gladiators game. This Amphitheater can welcome over 21,000 spectators. This level will give you an exclusive opportunity to get a mesmerizing view of the Colosseum.


Colosseum Second Floor

Spectators take their seats here based on the Roman social scale. This Amphitheater can welcome spectators through a series of arches, doors, and stairs. You will get the chance to sit here and by hearing those ancient stories from the expert guide you will feel the chill of gladiator battles. Also get stunning pictures while sitting here.

Second Destination: Roman Forum

After an exclusive visit to the Colosseum, enrich your knowledge about Roman’s fascinations on art, politics, and religions at Roman Forum. Explore the ruins of the Roman republic to gain experience of Roman democracy. It’s the home of a bustling marketplace and special events.

Third Destination: Palatine Hill

Continue your Colosseum journey to one of the Rome Seven Hills. From here you will get a stunning view of the Roman Forum and Circus maximus. Once wealthy Roman families used to have houses here. Not today you will see that but many archaeological beauty lies here that you got to know from the professional tour guide.

At the end of the tour, we will go back to the starting point. From here you can stroll at your own pace to see the other ancient sights that Rome has to offer.

What’s Inside the Colosseum Guided Tour

Explore the Colosseum via the ‘Gladiator’s Gate’ and walk in the footsteps of Gladiators. Here you can follow the footsteps of the Gladiators and tread on the same floor where they once marched on as they prepared for the battles. This tour not only includes the skip-the-entry, but you can also visit the Colosseum Arena Floor which was once not publicly accessible. Embrace the World’s largest amphitheater through the Gladiator’s entrance without wasting time standing in the queue.

Listen to your professional English spoken guide on how they unveil the story of the brutality and mightiness of Roman civilization. Right from the entrance gate of death, you can reach straight to the Arena floor. In the spot once Gladiators and exotic animals battled. You can surely feel the chill when you get the chance to stand on this retractable floor. All those stories of fighting will come alive in front of your eyes. This exclusive skip-the-line tour at Colosseum surely makes the most unique experience that you would never want to miss out on.

Colosseum in Rome

Colosseum, the origin of the biggest Amphitheater, is situated just on the east side of the Roman Forum. Constructed in the Flavian dynasty by Emperor Vespasian as a symbol of gift to the Roman people for entertainment. The main reason was to gain popularity and support. Gladiators combat, Wild animals fight, occasionally naval battle – are the purposes of use of the amphitheater.

This iconic symbol of Rome is made out of stone and concrete. The exterior has three stories arched entrances and each contained a different style of columns. Just near the main entrance, there is the Arch of Constantine.

Inside the Colosseum, there were more than 50,000 spectators seating arrangements. The seats are arranged based on the Roman social scale. There were awnings from the top story to protect the spectators from the sun’s heat.

The Gladiators who were brought here for combat were mostly slaves, condemned criminals, and prisoners of war.

This amphitheater has been in active use for four centuries until the struggles of the Western Roman Empire. The taste of public changes put an end to the gladiator’s combats in the colosseum.

The two-third of the Colosseum was destroyed due to weather changes, natural disasters, negligence, and vandalism. The restoration started in the 1990s and has proceeded till date making it the leading tourist attraction for the public.


Colosseum Gladiators Gate

One of the restricted places of the Colosseum for the ordinary visitor, but not for the Rome Tour Tickets visitor.

The entrances of the Colosseum played a huge part in controlling the crowd at the Colosseum. The Colosseum amphitheater is designed to hold 80,000 people at once. Apart from the entrance gate, there are numerous secret doorways, walls, corridors, and tunnels.

There are four VIP entrances at Colosseum which are mainly designated for Emperors, Senators, and wealthy patrons.

There are two other entrances called the Gate of Life and the Gate of death. During games, Gladiators were entered through the Gate of life and also exited that way if they survived. And who lost in the battle, their dead bodies were removed through the Gate of death.

Colosseum Arena Floor

The Colosseum Arena floor is built with structural engineering where gladiators once fought against each other and with wild animals. Earlier the wooden floor was covered with sand which was built on the top of gladiators and animals’ rooms.

This floor is now renovated and now it’s become retractable. This hi-tech stage can easily cover or uncover the underground networks from the public and during any climate change.

Roman Forum

Located at the center of this ancient city. It’s the destination of most Roman politics, religious events, and important social events. The area is in a rectangular shape, home to many temples and monuments of Rome. This place now attracts 4.5 million tourists every year.

Earlier the Roman Forum served as the daily shopping marketplace. Gradually it became the important hub of public affairs. Over the centuries it became more functional and expanded. Today if you visit here you can see beautiful statues, monuments, basilicas and ancient buildings here.

The Palatine Hill

A four-sided plateau rising south of the Forum and above sea level. The entire Rome city was founded on it. The most topographically attractive and scenic landscape can be seen from here. It is the centremost of the seven hills of Rome. Known as the first nucleus of the Roman Empire.

During the republic era, many houses and temples were built here. And now hike way up to get the stunning view of the city including all the attractive monuments. Visiting here you can see all the relics, enjoy the cool breeze while having the audio-visual guiding of the entire evaluation of palatine.

What’s more?

The tour is designed by keeping in mind the current safety situation. All the necessary measures are taken in place. You will have a peaceful tour experience with us. Our professional tour guide service will take you back in the Gladiators’ times. Don’t forget to capture the memory in pixels. Leaving Colosseum you will have a head full of knowledge about Roman life and a heart full of great tour memory.


  • Exclusive VIP skip-the-line entrance to discover the Colosseum wonders.

  • You will get a chance to walk in the footsteps of Gladiators.

  • Inside the Colosseum, through the Roman Forum, and on the Palatine Hill, you will be guided by an expert tour guide.

  • Listen to all the amazing stories of the famous brutal sports that once took place in this amphitheater.

  • Get onboard on the Arena Floor of the Colosseum, which is usually closed to the general public.

  • A 360-degree view of the Colosseum.

  • Experience the Roman Forum and learn the story of one of the greatest empires in history.

  • Enjoy Palatine Hill where Romulus established the Eternal City.

  • Reach the top of the Palatine Hill and have an exceptional view of the Forum.

  • After the tour ends, you can explore outside archaeological area at your own.

What is included
  • Skip the line access to Colosseum, Roman Forum & Palatine Hill

  • Entrance to the Colosseum via the ‘Gladiators Gate

  • Professional guide

  • Audio headsets so you don’t miss a single detail

  • Our group size is flexible

What is not included
  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off

  • Gratuities

  • Food/Beverage

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